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Rolling Bones
Rolling Bones
Photographer Peter Vincent, an artist in his own right, was among the first to recognize the sublime artistry of the Bones' hot rods. His photographs of Keith and Ken's first coupes helped the Bones get noticed. Today the Bones' creations are recognized around the world as real-deal hot rods that look and sound like something built in the late 1940s or 1950s, but with an aggressive attitude all their own.

Vincent has been there from the start, documenting the Bones' creations, their exploits at the Bonneville Salt Flats and El Mirage and the Race of Gentlemen, and their cross-country adventures to and from their home base in upstate New York. The Bones haven't built a lot of cars, but each and every one of them is documented in the pages of this book. If you are a fan of traditional hot rods, you will never get tired of leafing through the pages of Rolling Bones.

Cars Yeah Podcast Interview
by Mike Greene
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