Hot Rod Garages
Hot Rod Garages
You've seen the hot rods and custom rides, even looked into the hot rodding lifestyle, but what about where it all starts—in the garages humble or grand where countless hours of machining and wrenching, welding and shaping, elbow grease and inspiration bring a hot rodder's vision to life.
Peter Vincent is a prominent photographer and writer whose specialty is American hot rods. In Hot Rod Garages, he profiles a number of men who build hot rods, both prominent, award-winning constructors like Steve Moal and Roy Brizio, who work out of large, professional shops, as well as men like Pete Eastwood and Cole Foster who create their custom cars in backyard garages.

Hot Rod Garages is an attractive, small coffee-table book with short profiles of eighteen men who build hot rods. There are a number of photographs of the shops the builders work in as well as some examples of their finished products. A number of these talented body, paint and chassis men have Bonneville connections and have built cars that have competed for records on the Utah salt flats, which are known to the initiated as "the big, white dyno." These men thus build cars that are not simply intended for Sunday afternoon cruising, but vehicles that must be constructed in order to perform safely at 200 miles an hour.
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