The Bonneville Salt Flats, Twenty Years of Photography/SOLD OUT
The Bonneville Salt Flats, Twenty Years of Photography/SOLD OUT
Peter Vincent is arguably the most experienced photographer of the Bonneville Salt Flats. Every year for more than two decades he has visited this unique American landscape with camera in hand. This book contains the very best of the thousands of images he has captured at Bonneville and its surroundings, delivering an exceptional photographic portrait.

Bonneville is a simple but challenging setting. Its flat, white surface and endless arc of sky above allow a photographer to bring a great degree of subtlety to his work. But there is little protection from the elements; high winds, blinding sun, and blistering heat contrast with immense rainstorms that can cover the basin in 6 to 12 inches of water within an hour's time. All of these conditions create an unusual yet creatively stimulating environment.

Vincent first came to the salt to photograph the racers who test their machinery upon the planet's ultimate proving grounds. Somewhere along the way, Vincent began to appreciate the salt flats and its surroundings as something more than just a location. In this book he captures the meaning of Bonneville from every possible angle of speed, culture, landscape, and light.

Cars Yeah Podcast Interview
by Mike Greene

Peter Vincent is an artist, author, and photographer who’s been working with the landscape at the Bonneville Salt Flats for over 20 years, combining it with the Sub-Culture of Land Speed Racing and the Pop-Culture of the American Hot Rod.
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